​Loans from small to medium size businesses

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Terms ​1-7 years

Flexible repayments make it possible for you to adjust them to your cash flow and you can avoid too tight repayment terms and reorganization expenses.

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You always get an individual loan offer. Companies with strong cash flow gets loan cheaper than others.

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You have always the chance to payback the whole amount at once or take repayment free month or apply for more funding. Your need is the key.

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You can apply funding without major paperwork. Just apply online and we will find funding for you among our thousands of investors today!

Business loan from the biggest crowd​funding platform in the Nordic countries

    ​​Grow your business

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    Market place for funding

    We are crowdfunding platform where your company can ask for funding from thousands of inverstors at once. We make applying for funding easy, cost-effective and fast for your business.

    ​Easily and quickly

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    ​Funding even without real security 24/7

    We think applying funding for growing your business should be fast and easy so that you can focus on more important things. We support Finnish businesses and entrepreneurship by offering funding with reasonable terms to creditworthy businesses when they need it.

    ​Visability and new customers

    The force of crowdfunding

    By applying funding via Fellow Finance platform also makes your business visible to thousands of investors. They can very well be your future customers or references. Crowdfunding has this power that many other funding ​methods can't offer you.

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    Individual and market driven

    We estimate the credit rating for your business according the given information and the interest rate will be then determined by the loan offers that investors are ready to lend you the money. Businesses with higher credit rating will get loans cheaper than others.

    Business loan

    To Finnish companies

    ​We are also Finnish entrepreneurs and we know what to offer to our fellow entrepreneurs. We have already given out over hundred million euros funding to Finnish people. What has set us apart from others is the easy, fast and reliable service that we now want to offer to entrepreneurs as well.

    Sijoita lainoihin

    Simple and flexible

    Loan from Fellow Finance has simple and flexible terms and acts like regular promisory note. You can when ever you like payback the whole loan amount without extra expenses or ask for payback free months. All the costs are always visible without any extra hidden costs. 

    Business loan

    Always the best funding offer

    Fellow Finance works on a crowdfunding principle which means that the funding to loans comes directly from our investors. For the applicant this means that you will get the offer from the investors that are willing to lend you money with the lowest interest rate possible. Our system will automaticly pick those options for you and if you aren't happy with the current offers you can always wait for new ones. You can also set up the maximum interest rate that you are willing to lend. In crowdfunding the applicant is the one in charge and makes investors to compete for the chance to fund.

    We will lend to Finnish businesses when:

    1. Business has been active for at least one year
    2. Credit report and history are in order
    3. There is enough cashflow for paying back the loan
    4. The loan is for growing the business and being successful also in future
    5. The owner or the person in charge will give guarantee for the loan or there is real security

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    Loan from crowdfunding is the modern funding form for entrepreneurs

    Through Fellow Financen you can apply easily affordable crowdfunding for your business. Before this type of funding was only possible to big companies. Crowdfunding doesn't differ from banks or financiers loans in other ways than it is usually easier and faster to apply and get and it doens't require tons of paperwork and securities.

    We make the crowdfunding possible for all

    We have flexible terms even to 7 years and loans from 5.000 euros to 1 million euros. Fellow Finance is the biggest crowdfunding company for consumers and businesses in the Nordic countries. We specialize in loan form crowdfunding and you can read more about us here..

    Straightforward application

    company loan

    1. Fellow Finance

    Choose the amount and suitable monthly payback amount ​in the loan calculator

    apply for business loan

    2. Application

    Fill in the application online just in few minutes

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    3. Loan offer

    You will get individual loan offer right after filling the application that you can either approve or keep waiting for better offer or reject

    business loan offer

    4. ​Loan withdrawal

    After approval you will get the money on your account the same business day.