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Final offer will depend on lender offers. The calculation is based on the current interest level.
Fellow Finance Plc is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland as an Authorised Payment Institution.
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Why choose a peer-to-peer loan?


 ​Loans up to 1​0.000€

You can borrow from 500 € up to 1​0 000€ with your own terms.​

Turvallinen kiinteä korko

Fixed rate

Fixed, pre-set rate does not cause you any unpleasing surprises during the loan period. Rates from 8%.

Yksilöllinen laina


Creditworthy clients can borrow with lower rates.

Laina-aika 1-10v

 ​Loans from 2 to ​10 years

You can choose a loan term suitable for your own budget.

Laina ilman vakuutta tai takauksia

No guarantees needed

You can get a loan flexibly already today flexibly without any guarantees.

Laina ilman piilokuluja

No hidden costs

The interest of the loan, opening fee and account management fee are presented to you clearly​.



Your personal information and safe use of the service is secured by the highest standards.

Yhteishakijan kanssa paremmat ehdot


You can apply for a loan together with your spouse or partner and thus get a bigger loan with better terms.

Personal loan decision instantly 

Get a loan with your own terms

You can apply for a loan up to 1​5.000€ given that you have been taking care of your personal finances and you are over 20 years old resident of Finland. You will set your own terms for your loan and the investors will offer you financing based on the information of your loan application. The loan offer is always tailored to the loan application.

Loan applicant with a good credit rating receives loan offers with better reates. In additio​n:

  1. Monthly instalments start from 25€
  2. Interests start from 8%.
  3. No collaterals or guarantors needed.
  4. Loans up to 10 years.
  5. You will receive the credit decision instantly and the money even in an hour
  6. You can repay your loan at any time without additional costs
  7. The service has had over ​80.000 satisfied customers

It is this easy

Fellow Finance vertaislainapalvelu

1. Fellow Finance

Choose a loan with a monthly installment according to your needs and budget


2. Loan application

Fill out the loan application. This ​will take 5 minutes.


3. Loan offer

You will receive a personalized loan offer. You can either approve or reject the offer. Alternatively you can remain waiting for better offers.

Korko ja lainan lyhennys

4. ​Loan disbursement

After having approved the loan offer, the money will be on your account even in an hour.

Loans from your peers. You set the criteria.