Fellow Finance borrowers are Finnish citizens with permanent employment or Finnish companies

The average borrower is a 45-year old Finnish person with permanent employment. The median monthly income of a borrower is 2500 euros. The statistics on the page are updated in real-time

The borrowers are screened carefully

When a person applies for a loan his ability to repay his loan is evaluated carefully. We ensure that the borrower does not have a payment remark in a payment default register. In addition the income of the loan applicant is verified by checking his pay slip or tax information before the loan is disbursed. The creditworthiness of the customer is assessed also with a statistical credit scoring model which classifies the loan applicant in five different credit rating classes. The credit rating reflects the probability of default.

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Gross income

Source of income


Loan Purpose

Education level

Business as a borrower

In Fellow Finance peer to peer lending platform it is also possible to invest on business loans. We assess the businesses with the same care as consumers. The businesses are selected carefully based on the information from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the business itself. Business loans are secured with real secure or entrepreneur's personal secure. Business loans give lenders a new interesting opportunity with great return.

Business loans graphs will be updated on the page later.

Investing in business loans helps small to medium size businesses to grow

  1. High return possibility
  2. You pick the business you want to invest in and the lending criteria
  3. Use loan allocator or invest manually, diversify and minimize risk by lending to at least 100 businesses
  4. No service or other fees to investor
  5. Secondary market

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Investing in business loans

Investing in business loans in our platform is easy and transparent. The investor can determine the rates he is ready to lend to businesses. Fellow Finance will take commission from withdrawal and annual account handling fee from the borrowing business. The investor will get all the interest.

The business loans differ a little bit from personal loans. As an investor you have the same possibilities to diversify your investment as in peer to peer loans. You can also either manually invest to your chosen business loans or let the loan allocator choose for you within your terms and invest in 100 of loans minimizing the risks. You can also sell and purchase loan in secondary market.

Businesses usually apply for crowdfunding loans alongside with banks loans to grow business. Business loans have mainly some kind of security either real security or personal security. The real security can be for example mortgage on company assets, or buyable investment property.

In business loans credit loss is not limited like in personal loans. In personal loans the risk has been limited by selling the unpaid loans to collection agency. In business loans we try to limit the risk by taking real securities and/or personal securities.

Requirements for business loan

Fellow Finance business loan is available for Finnish businesses that have been operating at least one fiscal year. The business applying for the loan need to have good credit history and be classified in Asiakastieto Oy risk parameters in the classes from 1 to 4. In addition to Asiakastieto risk classification we also credit rate the businesses. Parameters taking into a count are for example the securities given for the loan. In comparison to bank loans it is very simple and fast to get a loan for businesses. If they give all the required information to investors they could have the loan within the same day they applied.

It is possible to apply for crowdfunding when

  1. Business has been running for at least one fiscal year
  2. Credit information and history are in order
  3. Purpose for the loan is to grow the business to its full potential

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