The most traditional form of investing in a new setting

Fellow Finance vertaislainapalvelu

1. Fellow Finance

Marketplace for creditworthy borrowers and investors looking for higher returns.


2. Borrower

The borrower chooses the loan amount, duration and the interest rate.


3. Investor

Investor opens an account and selects loans with suitable rates of return and duration.

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4. Repayment

The borrower pays monthly instalments consisting principal repayments and interest to the capital.

Higher returns from peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of crowdfunding where multiple lenders fund a loan for a borrower which can be either a person or a business. This is made possible by an online platform which serves as a marketplace taking in to account all aspects of internet security. In our platform you will invest directly in to loan applications and your money does not go in to the service provider's pocket. Simultanoeusly you can easily diversify your investments in hundreds of counterparts i.e. borrowers and by doing so minimize the risk of default.

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A creditworthy borrower pays less

Fellow Finance platform is based on auctions. This ensures that customer with a good credit history and good credit rating get their loans fully funded. Customer credit rating also affects the price borrower is required to pay in order to get his loan funded. For business loans we check their credit score from Suomen Asiakastieto and we also give them our own credit rating based on the information and securities they gave us.

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Growing business

During the past years crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending has been growing fast and is today a form of borrowing and lending familiar worldwide. Peer-to-peer lenders in USA such as Lending Club and Prosper achieved a level of 4 billion dollars of funded loans in 2013. Big investors like Google, BlackRock and Morgan Stanley have invested funds through the aforementioned platforms.