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Final offer will depend on lender offers. The calculation is based on the current interest level.

This is how it works

Fellow Finance vertaislainapalvelu

1. Fellow Finance

Fellow Finance offers a marketplace for creditworthy borrowers and investors interested in steady cash flow with better rates of return.


2. Loan

The borrower selects the amount and rate of his loan.


3. Investment

The investor opens up an account and chooses loans, rates and amounts according to his preferences.

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4. Interest and repayment

The borrower pays principal and interest repayments on a monthly basis.

Steady cash flow with high returns

The average annual return rate of a portfolio of Fellow Finance investors is 11,5% in portfolios diversified to 100 loans or more.

Return-% is the annualized internal rate of return of the cash flows before tax.

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Investing made easy

Fellow Finance finds the borrowers and takes care of the creditworthiness assessment. You will choose your own lending criteria. The monthly interest and principal repayments are easily invested in new loans with our loan allocator. This ensures effective circulation of capital. It is easy to diversify your investments in many loans.

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    The Borrowers


    ​The borrowers

    Fellow Finance brings together people who need funding to those who have funds to lend. Both the investor and the borrower are able to set their lending and borrowing criteria.

    We offer the most advanced platform to manage your investments in consumer loans. We offer you monthly and yearly reports and all the loan contracts are available in the service. The loan contract is legally binding and evidence of the contractual relationship between the borrower and the lender.

    Why would I invest

    Invest smartly

    Peer-to-peer loans offer investors a possibility to high returns. The average yield of a Fellow Finance portfiolio has been ​11,5% p.a. Peer-to-peer loans offer a new asset class to diversify your overall portfolio. There is little correlation between peer-to-peer loan returns and the stock or bond market movements. Thus, peer-to-peer is an optimal additional tool to manage and diversify your assets.

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    Return & Risk

    The return for the investor is interest paid for the loaned capital. The interest rate depends on the loan offers made by the investors

    The interest rates of the unsecured consumer loans vary. On average the annual rates have been over 13% p.a. On the comparison site we have gathered information for borrower about the funding options in Finland. The interest rate level is competitive for both the investor and borrower side.

    Why Fellow Finance?


     High returns

    The historical average annual return of our investors has been over 11% p.a.

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     Limited credit risk

    In case of borrower (consumer) defaulting his loan, the loss is capped to 30% of the capital.


     Compound interest

    You can invest the monthly repayments in new loans and receive compound interest.

    Matala riski


    With sum of 2500€ you can diversify in hundreds of loans according to your criteria. Simultaneously you diversify your wealth in a new asset class.

    Korkoa korolle


    In our online service you can always see the real-time status of your investments and cash flows. We offer you tools to analyse your investments.

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    Fees 0€

    For investors opening an account and investing in peer-to-peer loans is free of charge.

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     ​Secure and safe

    Interest yield is legally based on a contract between the lender and the borrower. You are not financing the operations of Fellow Finance.


    Secondary market

    You can sell and buy loans on the secondary market. This enables you to withdraw your investments from the service quickly if needed.