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Fellow Finance now connecting Japanese investors to Finnish borrowers

04.12.2015 14:51

Fellow Finance and Crowdcredit

Fellow Finance Plc (“FF”) and Crowdcredit, Inc. (“CCI”) are pleased to announce the successful completion of the strategic partnership. As the result of the partnership, CCI will launch the investment funds whose assets will be invested into the Finnish borrowers through the web-based platform developed by FF.

This strategic partnership will enable to create the benefit to both Finnish retail borrowers and Japanese individual investors as the Finnish retail borrowers shall be able to expect more efficient loan contracts based on the competitive interest rate on the web-based platform developed by FF and, Japanese individual investors shall be able to expect one more asset class; “Lending to Finnish borrowers”, which have the possibility of the higher risk- adjusted investment returns in the long term.

The Fellow Finance team has on average over 15 years experience in Finance with focus in development of saving, investing, financing and collection services in Europe. In addition, the team has been operationally responsible in these fields. During their careers, they have granted over 550 million Euro worth of customer loans in Europe. Simultaneously they have been able to offer investment solutions for investors.

Mr. Jouni Hintikka, CEO, of FF comments:

“Through our partnership with CrowdCredit we are happy to be able to offer this investment opportunity now also to Japanese investors. Being a licensed and Japanese FSA supervised investment fund specializing in p2p-investing instruments CrowdCredit forms an excellent partner to be able to offer this asset class for Japanese investors. CrowdCredit co-operation enables the Japanese investors to invest directly in Finnish consumer loans. We see this as a natural continuum to opening the Fellow Finance platform to European investors earlier this year.”

CCI has, since its launch of the first investment fund in June 2014, given liquidity to European and Latin American borrowers whilst offering Japanese individual investors opportunities to invest in overseas retail loans in order to build a Win-Win relationship through the Crowdcredit platform.

Mr. Tomoyuki Sugiyama, CEO of CCI comments:

“We are extremely proud to this strategic partnership with FF, as we shall be able to provide the access to another high potential asset class to Japanese individual investors. As FF has been the biggest marketplace lending platform in Finland and their average borrower is a 45-year old Finnish person with the median income of EUR 2,500 from their permanent employment, the asset class of Lending to Finnish borrowers shall attract Japanese individual investors from the viewpoint of its reliability and estimated financial returns.”

About Fellow Finance Plc

Fellow Finance Plc was established in 2013 to develop and maintain high-quality, data-secure online services and to offer marketplaces throughout Europe. Fellow Finance offers the most advanced peer-to-peer lending service for private persons in Scandinavia, enabling people to apply for a loan under their own terms and conditions and the lenders, i.e. investors, to gain a competitive, predictable interest income on the granted loans.

About Crowdcredit, Inc.

Crowdcredit, Inc. was founded in January 2013 to provide the more efficient global money flow – filling both funding gaps and lending gaps on a global basis by connecting borrowers and lenders around the world. As at November 2015, the company has collected over JPY 200 million funds from the investors and given the liquidity to European and Latin American borrowers.

For more information, please contact Mr. Antoni Airkkala, Director for New Markets at Fellow Finance and Mr. Heimon Sei, Sales Manager at CrowdCredit Inc.